Coinciding with the release of my first book, Containerization with Ansible 2, released by Pact Publishing, I decided it was time for me to start writing a blog to keep my creative juices flowing, as well as providing the community with some references on some other open source projects I am currently with.

Overall, I am proud to announce the release of my first book was a total success. Thanks to the support of the amazing Ansible community, colleagues, and fellow nerds, my book has been successfully released to the public. Over the last seven months, I have put in hundreds of hours of effort into really doing my best to provide my readers with a quality reference guide for the Ansible Container project. I hope that as you read my book, you will gain insight and understanding into not only Ansible Container, but containerization in general and the benefits of deploying application containers within your infrastructure.

Originally, I wanted this blog to live with the launch of my book, but unfortunately life got in the way and things running a bit behind schedule. However, after the holidays and into the next year, I have quite a few ideas planned for articles regarding some pretty cool stuff I’ve been working on both at work and in my free time. Stay tuned, things are about to get technical up in here!

Finally, I wish to thank everyone who has taken the time to pre-order copies of my book, or who has supported me by buying copies up until this point. I truly mean this when I say it: Thank You! without the support of amazing readers like yourselves, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to give back to the community like this. It really means a lot to me that as a new author, I have people who are actually interested in reading what I write about. I am flattered, stunned, and truly beside myself in thanksgiving for how amazing this experience has been.

Shameless plug time: If you are interested in buying a copy of my book, Containerization with Ansible 2, you do so here. All proceeds from book sales go to feed a starving family… my own :-D